Bowery Bagels #ChefSchmear series

Starting this Saturday, the #ChefSchmear is the Potted Judy Schmear from The Country Cat's Jackie Sappington. The schmear captures the flavors of their famous Potted Judy beer cheese spread using white and yellow cheddar, onions, sweet bread and butter pickles, hot sauce and beer.

Upcoming #ChefSchmear participants include:

  • September - JJ Needham of Musubi
  • October - Johanna Ware of Wares

Stay tuned as each month’s #ChefSchmear flavor is announced via @BoweryBagels social media!

Each chef schmear flavor will only be available for one month, and can be found only at the Bowery Bagels shop, located at 310 NW Broadway in Portland, Oregon open from 7am-2pm daily.

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Delivery for Cold Items Only:
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Sub for Bread

We may be known for our bagel sandwiches, but did you know our delicious ingredients can be sandwiched in between some of our house made bread too? Our bakers are hard at work preparing delcious loaves of your favorite breads in our new 5,000 square foot bakery in the North Kenton neighborhood for your sandwich needs!

Try our Reuben Nevius sandwich on our vegan Marble Rye Bread made with house-cured pastrami, house-made sauerkraut, Gruyere cheese, and Russian dressing.


Bowery Bagels has been certified Kosher Parve by Oregon Kosher. All our bagels (excepting MSG) are Kosher when purchased from Bowery Bagels or one of our retailers, only if whole and uncut.