The Bowery Bagels #SchmearCampaign 2016 Winning Flavor!

The #SchmearCampaign was neck and neck last night, but we have a winner: Blue Cheese Honey Walnut Schmear!

To make this delicious schmear, we use a Danish buttermilk blue cheese, toasted Oregon walnuts, Oregon clover honey, and a little toasted walnut oil to carry the flavor. 
We think it's terrific on a plain, onion, or everything bagel, and also makes a nice upgrade to our Benjamin Stark (roast beef) or George Flanders (vegetarian) sandwiches. 

Thank you to Pechluck Laskey for submitting this great sweet and savory flavor combination via the Bowery Bagels Facebook page. And thank you everyone who submitted your amazing flavor ideas and to everyone who voted last week!