Old Town Bagels

Bowery Old Town Bagels

We are now making our bagels available to shoppers in the bread aisle of local grocery stores. Bowery Bagels’ new line of take home bagels, called Bowery Old Town Bagels, is now available at many locations in the Portland Metropolitan area.

Bowery Old Town Bagels are made in Bowery's Kosher-certified facility in Portland's Old Town neighborhood. Like the bagels sold at the Bowery Bagels shop and our retail partners, Bowery Old Town Bagels are authentic, New York style boiled bagels; the only difference is the addition of a natural enzyme to help keep the packaged bagels fresh for up to five days. They can also be frozen for up to six months. 

Bowery Bagels are already wildly popular in local coffee shops and groceries, and to be able to access this new line from Bowery in the bread aisle is exciting news for the dedicated fans of the New York style bagel. Bowery Old Town Bagels will come in plain, everything, and an assortment of plain, poppyseed and sesame flavors, and sold in packages of six. Keep in touch to learn where else these delicious take home bagels will be available. 

Bowery Old Town Bagels are available at the following locations:

Alberta Co-Op:  1500 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR

FoodFight! Vegan Grocery:  1217 SE Stark St, Portland, OR

World Foods Portland:  830 NW Everett St, Portland, OR

Interested in carrying Bowery Old Town Bagels in your store? Please email orders@bowerybagels.com for wholesale orders.