Medium CruMarket Gift Basket


The baskets and packaging are manufactured in the United States of recycled, reusable, and recyclable materials. There are three sizes of basket available. This season’s decorative options include Christmas and Hanukkah. Baskets are also available in a gluten-free option. Premium Oregon wines can also be included: Freja Cellars 2010 Willamette Valley pinot noir, or premium sparkling wine.

  • 9oz jar Fat Dog Mustard
  • 4oz bag Fat Cat Cinnamon Toast Pretzels
  • Oregon Bark Toffee Chips
  • 2.5oz Pinkleton’s Curious Caramel Corn
  • 3 pc Rain/Shine/Sweet Caramels
  • 3 pack Farina Bakery Biscotti
  • 1.25oz package each Crazy Good Snacks! SnackLOCO and SnackLOCO Caliente
  • Half pint each CruMarket Cannery Pear Cardamom Butter
  • 8oz Tellurian Tomato Relish
  • 8oz Cardamom Hills Trading Company Assorted Chutney
  • 9oz bottle each NW Elixirs “Hott Sauce #1” and “Hott Sauce #2”
  • 6 pack Sterling Holiday cookies
  • 4oz CruMarket Bubba’s Granola
  • 2oz Bee Local Honey
  • Tin Jacobsen’s Sea Salt

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