CruMarket Gift Baskets

CruMarket baskets are available only for the holidays, check back next year for new baskets!

CruMarket is the exclusive outlet for products created at Portland's culinary incubator, KitchenCru. 

Every day, dozens of culinary artisans create unique and delicious products at KitchenCru, using the finest ingredients available. Portland is renowned for a burgeoning food culture, and these items represent the best of what makes Portland famous. Each basket item provides a delightful and uncommon taste experience making them an ideal gift for friends and family.

Our producers are small local businesses, in most cases a single person, or husband-and-wife team. These culinary dreamers are following their passion to deliver the most tempting, most appetizing, and most distinctive treats available. A CruMarket gift basket guarantees you and your lucky recipients an exquisite sampling of locally made delights.

Each basket is packaged using made in the USA, reusable, recyclable or compostable materials, and beautifully decorated in a holiday motif.